Books in 2018

Years before I found my self little time to sit down and read; because of many excuses: I tired after a long working day, I needed time to exercise, I needed time to date, I needed time to social.

Things changed after I decided to commute by bus. Yes, in Saigon you gonna see bike everywhere, millions of bike running across the tiny busy street.

I tired of riding a bike on the dusty noisy street that takes 45 minutes for only 12 km from home to my company. Then I take a bus. During the commutes, I find myself has plenty of time to look around and do nothing, which is great sometimes. Then I got a nice noise canceling headphone Sony MDR-XB950N1 for my birthday. A perfect gift to use during commutes with audiobooks.

English is my second language, the audiobook should not be so hard to listen to, or I will fall asleep on the bus. Luckily most of the self-help finance and business use day to day vocabulary. I did try some book on history or psychology but fail.

English books in 2018

(Book with bigger size is the one I like more)

Feeling excited, I find myself reading more on the physical book, mostly in Vietnamese.

Book in Vietnamese in 2018

The more I read and listen, the more I want to write, that is the main driven to maintain this blog.

Written on January 10, 2019