Welcome to my personal site. I am a computer geek and sports lover. I love building distributed systems from tiny embedded chip to the cloud. In free time, I run and swim.

My tools are Golang, Java, Node, C and Linux.

I work extensively in IoT, communication protocol, real-time system, and web service.

I am working at Coinbase to create an open financial system for the world, focusing on the SEA markets.

I worked at Gopay of Goto Financial, one of the largest fintech company in Southeast Asian, where I was an IC maintaining and developing new features for the topup and withdarwal flows.

At Veriksystems, I helped customers bring the next generation of network devices to the market. My role is develop, architect, manage projects, work with mobile and firmware teams to deliver end-to-end solution to our customers.

At Zinno, I led a backend group of three, built backend for Zwave/Zigbee hub and battery-powered camera. We built Alexa and Google Assistant as the voice interface with the system.

Caring about reliable, maintainable software, I always require my projects to be set up with CI, be driven with TDD, BDD process.

Some open source projects are:

  • gobench: A distributed benchmark framework that support multiple protocols.
  • esp8266-dev: ESP8266 WiFi SoC development environment, with OTA made easy.

You can find my full CV here. Contact me at nqdinh (at) outlook (dot) com.